The Journey Begins

A few years ago I bought this domain, Today I quit my job. You can tell where my head was. I needed a creative outlet and was seriously considering quitting my job without having anything else lined up. I’ve gone through some tricky situations throughout my career but when I look back on my most difficult circumstances, it’s always worked out for the best. It either gave me the kick in the pants I needed to move on or I suffered through and learned something major throughout the challenge and eventually things just changed.

I need a change. I don’t know if it’s being in my 30s but it seems like everyone I speak with around my age (and up) is just in this strange crisis…especially if you don’t have kids. Having kids seems to make people tough it out a bit longer with whatever career choice they’ve made. I look at the millennials either working from home on their podcasts, “working” on their travel blog and “living their very best life” or discovering new things like planking.  I can’t help but feel like our generation is sandwiched between our parents who were loyal to their corporate jobs and this giant generation of rebels who just do what they want, when they want because they have health insurance until 26.

I hope to find out why people quit, how they quit and what they do afterwards. I hope to share some insightful stories with you that may make us all have a better understanding of the realities of moving on. The good, the bad and the funny.

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