Work From Home Options

I’m always investigating job fields that allow you to (mostly) work from home or work remotely.  There are some people I’ve spoken with who have cobbled careers out of a few part-time remote gigs, combined.  There are many companies that now allow their employees to work from home but it may not be every day […]

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Vacation Starvation

For some reason every time I take a vacation, I come back irritable and feeling depressed. You open up Instagram and see all the world travelers and the beautiful photos and you just wonder if there is a life after this. Vacations feel like just a taste of life. We all know the expression of […]

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Is It Too Late To Blog for Living?

I started this blog because I enjoy writing and actually like reading success stories of those people who have launched their own careers outside of the corporate world. It gives me hope that you can work for yourself and still “have a life” or at least a balance. Let’s face it though: it would be […]

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Pizza Pi Delivery Boat Interview

One story that I remember reading about was the couple who dropped everything to move to the Caribbean and start a pizza delivery service – via their boat. They named the boat “Pizza Pi” and set it up in the US Virgin Islands. The captain of the boat, Sasha, graduated MIT and went to work […]

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Sign of the Times – Office Edition

I can’t be the only one fed up with the traditional workforce. In the past few weeks there have been several articles suggesting that things are a-changing. The Necktie A recent study published in NeuroRadiology suggested that wearing a necktie is bad for blood flow to the brain. I don’t think that neckties necessarily make […]

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Top Quitting Obstacles

I think we’ve all had obstacles when it comes to actually leaving a job. You suffer through in the hopes that things will eventually get better and when you have a few of those good days, they seem to outweigh the bad. It’s when the rough patches become more frequent that you start to take […]

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What’s your Quitting Fantasy?

You’re sitting there, after your millionth trip to the office Keurig machine. Practically shaking from all the caffeine and your boss comes in and makes yet another borderline, HR questionable comment. Do you take it up the chain and just wait for her to retaliate (and you know, she will) or do you count down […]

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Turning a Hobby Into a Career

There were many times I thought that something that I loved to do would make an ideal career choice. I love to cook, the problem is cooking for me is fun when it’s just for friends and family with some friends to pitch in but cooking as a job? Hard stuff. It’s interesting that blogging […]

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