Organizing Your Life – Where to Donate

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As a follow up to my previous post, I wanted to share places where I donate and where you can consider donating items also.

What You Can Donate:

Clothes – There are drop boxes literally all over suburbia. I would check each box before you donate though to make sure that the clothing goes to people and isn’t just a fabric recycling box. If you have scrappy clothing, painting pants or just things that are too used/old for someone else then definitely donate to the recycle box because they turn the fabric into something else and the proceeds usually benefit a school or an organization.  For clothes donations you can find a list of charities that take them in your state like this one.  The Salvation Army also sometimes has drop boxes available for clothes.

Books – Books can be tricky as it seems many places have tons but libraries will sometimes know where to donate (or will accept themselves), schools and shelters are a few to name.  There is also a drop box for donating books that takes a portion and donates it to various nonprofits.

Home Furnishings – I usually find a salvation army , good will or a hospital donation shop and some local towns have their own places to donate items like the Johnny Cake Center in Rhode Island for example

Food – I have found a shelter that’s not far from my home where they always take food donations. Whenever I get a deal on an extra box of something or get free items at the grocery store I save them up and then drop them off at the shelter. Some shelters also ask for other donations like socks and scarves so best to look it up and know before you go. There are food pantries also.

Blankets, sheets, towels and sometimes newspapers – almost every animal shelter asks for these items all year long. They use them for bathing dogs and cats or for bedding. They like anything that they can bleach and wash. They go through these very quickly and are especially desperate in the winter. They take sheets that are ripped or even those that have bleach stains.  I try to do a drive each year after the holidays and collect blankets when people have received new sets.

As a bonus, donating your things to someone who can use them usually makes you feel pretty good too.

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