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I’m always investigating job fields that allow you to (mostly) work from home or work remotely.  There are some people I’ve spoken with who have cobbled careers out of a few part-time remote gigs, combined.  There are many companies that now allow their employees to work from home but it may not be every day and often times it matters how long you’ve been with the company,  how much office space they have (because if they’re short on space they’re more likely to offer up working remotely)  and what their work from home policies are.  If someone was looking for a remote job, maybe not all 100% of the time, but I’d say at least 90% of the time, here are a few options to consider:

  1. Writing

Right off the bat we know that writers (especially bloggers who work for themselves) can often work from home. There seem to be plenty of places where you can take on writing assignments working for someone else also.  One site people have told me about is Fiverr.

  1. Sales Jobs

Many sales jobs require that you work remotely. This isn’t to say that it’s a job with the flexibility that it used to have. Many companies now can track your whereabouts via apps, your devices or your car. You are also restricted to working a certain territory in most cases.  Still, there are inside sales jobs and companies are always looking for people to develop leads for them.

  1. Consulting

I realize consulting is a catch-all phrase these days but it seems that there is a remote consulting opportunity for every industry. I’ve known attorneys who have done it reviewing contracts from home, marketing specialists who help create campaigns remotely, teachers who develop lesson plans, compliance officers with work from home opportunities etc, etc  It may be worth it to look for consulting gigs in your field of expertise.

  1. Customer Service Reps

Companies are hiring people to work remotely as customer service reps.  I think these types of jobs pay hourly and most tend to be part time.  If you’re good with people and have a land line and internet this may be for you.  You are also tied to your home office though wherever that may be.

  1. Adjunct Professor

This one interests me. There are some universities and colleges that offer online teaching programs. These programs often require no physical classroom and allow you the flexibility to work remotely. You may have to check in to a physical location once or twice a semester but from what I understand, the position is mostly remote.  This would definitely fall under the side hustle category because I’m not sure the pay is enough to warrant a full time life style.

  1. Crafters/Artists

I wish I was more crafty. I am not artistic at all. If I was, I would immediately sell my wares on Etsy. So many people have been successful on it and you could potentially be based from anywhere.  If you were a graphic designer you could design logos and sell those on etsy.

I came across this list for other suggestions.

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