Is It Too Late To Blog for Living?

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I started this blog because I enjoy writing and actually like reading success stories of those people who have launched their own careers outside of the corporate world. It gives me hope that you can work for yourself and still “have a life” or at least a balance. Let’s face it though: it would be great if this blog could generate some income. A side hustle, per se. The question is, is it too late to blog for a living? I wanted to research to find out if all this writing and twittering was worth it.

  1. How many blogs are there? A lot. In WordPress alone, about 79 million blog posts are published each day. Where does this leave me? One tiny little drop in the bucket.
  2. Will I only be able make money by telling others about how much money THEY’LL be able to make by starting a blog and then charging for that expertise? Seems like many bloggers have taken this approach. Sign up for a class, follow this influencer and you are sure to generate enough readers on your own blog to quit that day job!
  3. What are some high generating blogs that have published their income earnings and what topics do they post about? This is sort of a tricky question because the blogs I follow are the blogs I like. Maybe someone has posted the income generated on their blog who writes solely about cats but that’s probably not a blog I will follow. One of my favorite blogs is the Money Habit (a personal finance/early retirement). The writer discusses how much various other bloggers on average make according to topics they write about. She’s also pretty honest with how she generated income her first year and what she put into it. She did have a following to start with because she gained publicity for retiring before 30 and Forbes wrote an article about her and then pointed to her blog. Another blogger I started to follow, Believe in A Budget, recently also shared how much income she’s generated from her blog here.


So is it too late? I think not. There are plenty of unique topics of interest out there that people may consider spending their time reading. The majority of people read articles online now and I think there will always be a little corner of the internet where readers seek out particular topics that interest them.  Growing an audience is clearly the hard part but it doesn’t seem impossible and growth can attract advertisers.

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