Top Quitting Obstacles

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I think we’ve all had obstacles when it comes to actually leaving a job. You suffer through in the hopes that things will eventually get better and when you have a few of those good days, they seem to outweigh the bad. It’s when the rough patches become more frequent that you start to take action or when there is just one catalyst that can’t be ignored or tolerated any longer that it’s time to make a change.

So what are some of the concerns we have when potentially quitting:

  1. Lack of Finances – This would definitely be reason numero uno for most people. That bi monthly paycheck is hard to give up and most people depend on it.
  2. Insurance – this is another tough obstacle. Our employers for the most part pay a lot of our insurance expenses and giving that up and having to source your own insurance and pay out of pocket each month can eat up a huge chunk of your savings.
  3. Quality of Life – the thought that you won’t be able to maintain your quality of life. You’ll have the time but not the money to do the things you like to do or you’ll be too stressed to even bother doing them.
  4. Non-Competes – Grrrr the dreaded non compete. Every friend and coworkers has their own take on what holds “water” and what doesn’t. I’ve seen things that we thought were iron clad not hold up in court and others that we thought would never hold up go to federal court. I err on the side of caution with this one, personally.
  5. Gaps in Resume – Maybe you plan on re-entering the workforce for a traditional job and aren’t sure how a gap in your resume will look or how you will explain it to potential employers
  6. The Thought That You’re Making Huge Mistake – Sometimes you’re just not ready to rip the Band-Aid off and you realize that the other option might just be worse than your current one.

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