Turning a Hobby Into a Career

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There were many times I thought that something that I loved to do would make an ideal career choice. I love to cook, the problem is cooking for me is fun when it’s just for friends and family with some friends to pitch in but cooking as a job? Hard stuff. It’s interesting that blogging has changed many career paths. Blogging about food has kind of changed the thinking that you can only be a chef in a restaurant or by cooking for others.  You can now be a chef and not have to cook for 200 people a day. You can provide people with the tools to do their own cooking at home.

I love kids but just because you love kids doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make a great teacher or have the patience to listen to 25 of them every day.

If you speak with my father he has a completely different take on jobs saying that cash businesses are not only ideal but portable. He thought it would be a great idea for me to become a hairdresser “because you can take that talent anywhere”. If the chop job I gave to my Barbie’s hair as a kid is any indication of what sort of hair cut I would give to a live person, trust me I made the right career choice in not taking his advice.

Sometimes a hobby is just a hobby and sometimes something you love to do can actually turn into a career. I’m sure there are people who really love math, I am just not one of those people. Sometimes getting paid to do something turns it into a job and therefore makes whatever it is not as fun.  I like tennis but I don’t think anyone would pay me to play at the US Open or teach a tennis camp.

Have you turned a hobby into a career? Do you do what you love? Or is your job a means to an end that allows you to afford your hobbies?

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